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Video now available for the Grey Literature Strategies presentation by Amanda Lawrence at from the National Digital Forum in Wellington NZ, November 2014.

Available to view online at

Presentation slides (pdf) are now available for Amanda Lawrence's keynote presentation at the 16th International Grey Literature conference held at the Library of Congress, 8-9 December 2014. Thank you to Dominic and the GreyNet conference group for the invitation to present. Its been great to visit Washington and be part of the event.

Download Slides as PDF available here

Presentation slides from the Grey Literature Strategies seminar held at the National Library of Australia on 19 March 2014 are now available.

Prof Keith Jeffery presents on the value of grey literature to research business and society at the Where is the evidence conference 2013 held at the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia on 11 November 2013.

Keith Jeffery is past director IT at STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and is President of ERCIM and past president of euroCRIS.


Presentation by Jess Tyndall on grey literature and health research at the Where is the evidence conference 2013 held at the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, 11 November 2013.

Jess Tyndall is Head, Gus Fraenkel Medical Library, Flinders University


Dr Adrian Cherney from the University of Queensland presented some recent findings from an ARC Linkage project investigating the utilisation of social science research in policy development at the Where is the evidence conference 2013 in Melbourne, 11 November 2013.

More information on this project which has many aspects to it is available at the project website: The Utilisation of Social Science Research in Policy Development and Program Review 

Audio recordings of all the presentations from the 2012 Where is the evidence conference on grey literature and public policy are now available to listen or download. The conference was held in Canberra on 10 October 2012.

Keynote speech by Professor Julian Thomas presented at the conference Where is the evidence: policy, research and the rise of grey literature, held in Canberra, October 2012.


Presentation by Dr Ian McMahon, Director, Research Group of Eight at the Where is the evidence conference, National Library of Australia, Canberra, 10 October 2012.