We are very pleased to announce that Professor Marian Simms, Executive Director for Social, Behavioural and Economic Sciences at the Australian Research Council has kindly agreed to  officially launch the Grey Literature Strategies project at a ceremony to be held during the Where is the Evidence conference at the National Library on Wednesday 10 October.

New strategies are needed to avoid losing valuable online content, writes Amanda Lawrence on Australian Policy Online.

The US Government General Accountability Office has won the 2012 Ignobel Prize for issuing a report about reports about reports that recommends the preparation of a report about the report about reports about reports.

Grey literature (or gray literature) has become a commonly used term amongst particular disciplines such as health, archaeology and library and information sciences. This background information gives an overview of grey literature and some of the keys issues that the Grey Literature Strategies project is interested in looking at.


This website has been created for the Grey Literature Strategies project, a 3 year research project investigating best practice strategies for managing and accessing informal publications.
 This website will be the place where we can keep the community informed about our project and also encourage discussion and dissemination of ideas and debate on these issues. We will also be setting up and participating in discussions on social media networks as go and creating resource lists and publishing information in a variety of formats. We hope that anyone interested in this issue will engage with the project and help us develop better strategies for the many stakeholders engaged with grey literature including producers, users and collecting organisations.

This conference will explore the opportunities for increased access to knowledge and research communication as well as the challenges presented in producing, disseminating, evaluating, collecting and accessing policy grey literature.