Where is the evidence? Discussion paper feedback still open

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In November last year the Grey Literature Strategies project published a 28 page discussion paper called Where is the evidence? Realising the value of grey literature for public policy and practice that provides a snapshot of our research to date and has a number of suggestions and recommendations. The feedback so far has been very positive and many people are using the paper to consider their approach to grey literature. 
We are still keen to hear people's views - either positive, negative or anywhere in between - and would appreciate any written comments that are made via the communication mechanism of your choice. You can comment on the form below, or on the
APO page or tweet us @greylitstrategy or @amandaslawrence or email alawrence@swin.edu.au. Or phone and have chat 03 9214 8792 or organise a meeting...

While we will be working on these issues for a while yet feedback by 20 March will be the most helpful. 


The consultation period is now closed. Thanks for your interest. You can still contact us though at anytime.