Survey of grey literature producers and collectors on NOW!

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Does your organisation PRODUCE or COLLECT policy reports and papers?

We need to hear from you!

While knowledge of how people use evidence for policy making has grown in the last few years, little is known about its production and to what extent it is collected and managed.

In a follow up to our survey of users, the Grey Literature Strategies Research Project is now running a survey of organisations that produce research and information for policy and practice – academic centres, government departments and agencies, NGOs, consultants etc. And a survey of collection and information services – government and special libraries, clearing houses, repositories, research libraries etc.

We only need one survey completed per organisation, department or service and the findings will help immensely as we try to find ways to improve the value and access of grey literature for public policy.

And you can go in the running to win a $50 gift voucher!

Click here to do the survey of producing organisations
Click here to do the survey of collections and information services

If you would like to read the questionaire in full offline you can download a PDF or Word version. The word version is a form that can be filled out if you would prefer to answer the survey this way and return it to

If you have any questions about the survey please email Amanda Lawrence