Fifteenth International Conference on Grey Literature 2013 Call for Papers

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The Fifteenth International Conference in the GL-Series, titled The Grey Audit: A Field Assessment in Grey Literature, provides the grey literature community an inclusive platform from which to assess developments in their field of information. Over the past two decades, since the very launch of this conference series, information science has been significantly impacted by social and technological developments. This gives sufficient cause for an audit in the field of grey literature – drawing upon accomplishments, assessing limitations, and projecting a sustained course of action.

A field assessment of grey literature extends well beyond library and information science, for it includes the assessment of grey literature produced and published in other sciences as well as government, business and industry. Information professionals and practitioners also become a part of this assessment, for it is they who carry out research in specific fields and make results available to their respective communities and wider public audiences. The Grey Audit seeks to ascertain the validity and reliability of information and data produced in the grey circuit. It further seeks to measure the cost effectiveness of investing in grey literature both in material as well as human resources.

The Grey Audit sets out to examine accepted standards applied in processing and distributing grey literature in an effort to identify guidelines for good practice that will be of benefit well into our 21st Century. Such examples of good practice will no doubt impact policy, which in turn will ensure future programs where grey literature is deployed. In order to carry out The Grey Audit, information professionals with previous involvement in grey literature, as well as those new to the field are encouraged to respond to this year’s Call for Papers.

The conference will be held 2-3 December 2013
Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, CVTI SR
 Bratislava, Slovak Republic