ABC Radio interview on grey literature strategies

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Amanda Lawrence was interviewed last week on ABC Capricornia - Queensland local radio - by Jodie van de Wetering.

The shadowy world of grey literature

19 September 2013 , 4:47 PM by Jodie van de Wetering


PaperworkThey say that knowledge is power, but finding the information you need isn’t always easy.

Welcome to the shadowy world of grey literature: all the reports, surveys, white papers, analyses, data sets and briefing documents that someone once went to a lot of trouble to prepare.  Now all that information is out there, somewhere, waiting to be found and put to use.

Amanda Lawrence is the research manager with the Grey Literature Strategies project and Australian Policy Online.  She says grey literature is information that won't be found in books or journals, because it hasn't been officially publised.  Rather, it's lurking on the websites and in the newsletters or filing cabinets of companies, universities, government departments, and other organisations.