AACODS grey literature appraisal scheme adopted by UK health agencies

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We recently received a lovely email from Jess Tyndall, Medical Librarian at Flinder's University with a lovely report on the adoption of her appraisal checklist for evaluating grey literature - AACODS - by major health organisations in the UK. Congratulations to Jess on her influential work and the joy of serendipity, conversation and connections.

My critical appraisal checklist for grey literature (AACODS) has been championed by some kind people in the last year or two, and I have them to thank for the prominence it has now gained.
Recently I saw a UK  health libraries newsletter which mentioned a new public health database of grey literature produced by UKHF (UK Health Forum)  called  PIE (Prevention Information & Evidence eLibrary) which has adopted my checklist to appraise all their content:

Further investigation has also led me to discover that  NICE (National Institute for Healthcare Excellence) in the UK has also endorsed a slightly adapted version of AACODS as their checklist (1.9) to evaluate GL for their 2014 service guidance development. NICE “provides national guidance and advice to improve health and social care” – these are the big guys!
What fascinates me about all this is how much it all hinges on personal encounters. If I hadn’t had dinner with Tim Earnshaw in Darwin where he urged me to produce an actual schema he could use with medical students in relation to indigenous health, then I wouldn’t have actually drawn it up in 2010. If I hadn’t had a loop bus-stop conversation with Irena who introduced me to Gerry, who then rewrote his journal article to include my framework, made me a co-author and now generously promotes it to others, I doubt UKHF or NICE would’ve heard of it either! And presenting the paper in Rome didn’t hurt, that’s for sure. And it was the lovely Amanda’s generous mention to me that a Canadian guy she spoke to at the recent GL conference had used AACODS, which led to a quick search to locate this guy in Alberta, which lead me to discovering all of the above!

Jess Tyndall


By the way, 'this guy in Alberta' is Marcus Vaska, Librarian in the Knowledge Management Department at Alberta Health Services in Canada who Amanda spoke to when she attended the International Grey Literature conference in Bratislava in 2013.