16th International Conference on Grey Literature: Grey Literature Lobby - including keynote from Grey Literature Strategies

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Conference logo8 - 9 December 2014, Library of Congress,Washington DC, US

Decision and policy makers need to be informed on the value and wealth of grey literature, thus legitimizing further investments in this field of information. Lobbying grey literature has its very roots in this international conference series, which has grown and rallies over the past two decades by promoting research and publishing their results. The grey literature lobby seeks to guarantee that the interests of a diverse and widespread community of information professionals and practitioners are served.

Like other fields in library and information science, technology is one of the primary engines driving change in grey literature. However, there are other engines for change that are needed to further sustain and develop this field of information. Policy development and economic stimulus are two such challenges now facing the community.

Changes in the production and sharing of knowledge, changes in the requirements for storage, access, and preservation of grey literature, as well as ensuing change in the demands of users require a concerted effort and response on the part of the grey literature community. New stakeholders and net-users must be summoned and heard, because their requests will further fuel the right kind of debate needed to open the wealth of grey literature to wider audiences.

As part of this event Amanda Lawrence, research manager at Grey Literature Strategies will be the keynote speaker. This will be a fantastic opportunity to meet with colleagues from the United States and around the world to discuss grey literature and the work we have been doing to establish ways to measure its role and value - and the evidence we now have to support that a claim for its central role in public policy.