Advisory Group

The advisory group oversees the project and meets twice each year in March and October.

Chief investigators

Prof Julian Thomas
Director, Swinburne Institute for Social Research
Swinburne University

Prof John Houghton
Professorial Fellow, Centre for Strategic Economic Studies (CSES) and Director of the Centre's Information Technologies and the Information Economy Program
Victoria University


Ms Amanda Lawrence - Project manager and researcher
Research Manager, Grey Literature Strategies
Swinburne University

Dr Paul Weldon
Research Fellow, Teaching, Learning & Transitions
Australian Council for Educational Research

Partner members

Dr Gerald White
Principal Research Fellow (Research: Teaching & Learning using Digital Technologies)
Australian Council for Educational Research

Ms Amelia McKenzie
Assistant Director-General, Collections Management
National Library of Australia

Mr Alex PhilpDirector, Overseas Collection Management
National Library of Australia

Prof Bruce Muirhead
Eidos Institute

Ms Jerelynn Brown
Manager, Collection Services, State Library of New South Wales
NSLA Representative

Ms Anna Raunik
Executive Manager, Resource Management, Client Services and Collections
State Library of Queensland
NSLA Representative

Ms Kate Irvine
Executive Officer, National & State Libraries Australasia
Based at State Library of Victoria
NSLA Representative